Join a 病人 and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)


Uniting with 病人s, Families and Caregivers

A 病人 and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is an organization of current and former patients, 家庭成员 and caregivers that work together to advance best practices in our hospital.

病人 and family advisors are individuals who have received care at our hospital and who offer insights/input to help us provide care and services that are based on patient and family identified needs rather than the assumptions of what 临床医生 or other hospital staff think that patients and 家庭 want.

The goal of the patient and family engagement is to create an environment where patients, 家庭, 临床医生, 医院工作人员 all work together as partners to improve the quality and safety of hospital care.  病人 and family engagement encompasses behaviors by patients, 家庭成员, 临床医生, 医院工作人员, as well as the organizational policies and procedures that support these behaviors.

The meetings are held in the hospital Annex building a minimum of once a month for two hours, and a meal is served.  If you are interested in becoming a member of our PFAC please complete and submit the online application.

Benefits of an Advisory Council

  • Leads to increased understanding and cooperation between patients, 家庭 and staff.
  • Results in more efficient planning to ensure that services meet consumer’s needs and priorities.
  • Promotes respectful, effective partnerships between patients and 家庭 and hospital professionals.
  • Offers a forum for developing creative, cost-effective solutions to problems and challenges faced by the hospital.
  • Supplies a link between the program, its surrounding community, and community groups.

PFAC Mission Statement

The 病人 and Family Advisory Council is dedicated to assuring delivery of the highest standards of comprehensive and compassionate health care by 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场.  We do this by working in active partnership with our health care providers to strengthen communication and collaboration among patients, 家庭, caregivers and staff; and to promote patient and family advocacy and involvement.

病人 & Family Advisory Council Application

Please fill out this form in its entirety to indicate your interest in being considered for membership on the 病人 & Family Advisory Council. 谢谢你!!

Are you able to attend meetings at 澳门永利线上博彩娱乐场 during weekday evenings (dinner will be provided)?(必需)
Are you willing to sign an agreement promising not to disclose confidential information given to you in your role as a member of the 病人 and Family Advisory Council?(必需)